Whistler has possibly the best ski resort in the world with extensive terrain, good snow, and a renowned party nightlife. Whistler is a region in British Columbia, Canada. The ski resort is located in the valley between the two mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb. Whistler is proud to be scheduled as the host of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Travelling There Flying there is probably the best choice. The closest international airport to the resort is Vancouver. Regular shuttle services and buses then provide transfer services across the 70-mile journey to the resort. Travelling within the resort is easy with public buses and taxis available regularly.

Accommodation Choices The accommodation within the resort is abundant and consists of luxury hotels, chalets, condominiums and bed and breakfasts. Whistler has an impressive reputation for its accommodation services in that the resort caters for everybody?s needs.

History The Whistler Mountain was initially named London Mountain when British naval officers explored the region during the 1860s. A woman named Myrtle Philip created Whistler?s first resort and is the reason for the development and success of the area. Whistler began to rise in popularity as a ski resort in the early 1900s when a rail link to the resort was constructed.

Sights and Attractions Although skiing is the main reason for travelling to this region, Whistler has stunning natural beauty and an amazing landscape. During the summertime tourists travel to the area to hike through the meadows and mountain trails and enjoy the beauty of the area. Alternative sightseeing options are the Whistler Museum as well as Vancouver Island that is within driving distance of the resort.

Shopping There are a variety of shops in the resort that offer more than just ski equipment and fashion. There are plenty of shopping areas to keep you busy that sell everything from souvenirs and essential items to gifts and unique bits and bobs. Whatever you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find it in Whistler! The Marketplace next to Village North is a good place to start, while the biggest shopping mall in British Colombia is located at Burnaby, within easy driving distance of the resort.

Dining Options The village has a wide range of options for eating out. Caf?s, restaurants, snack bars and pubs are the most popular places to get some food. The restaurants offer international cuisine but can often be a little dear. The resorts nightlife is great so if you are up for a party Whistler is the place to be.

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