Whistler is a great location that thousands head to both in summer and winter for sports and just plain relaxation. The 7000 acres of one of the best mountain landscapes North America has, is filled with tourists year round. Whistler offers its tourists skiing in the glaciers, guided fishing tours, golfing, hiking and biking, Para-gliding and hang gliding, kayaking and rafting, which is just the tip of the ice burg.

Rafting River Whistler is ideal for all the family to enjoy. It is almost impossible to pin point and say that one particular river is better than the other. While the Birkenhead River provides you with a class three rapids which allow you to float longer than shorter paths, the Green river makes the ride fast, short and refreshing; the Elaho and Squamish rivers offer a more relaxing whole day adventure in store. So, even if one river does not have it all, all of them together offer something for everyone.

Whichever river you may choose, there are many packages and trips available to suit and match everyone?s desires and needs. However, booking a river rafting Whistler should be done well in advance as it is a highly popular location both during summer and winter time.

Rafting - a Great Summer Exercise

Rafting is a great summer exercise that provides a full body workout, but it also requires that you be in good physical shape. The river rapids are rough in many cases, and it can throw you over board once in awhile, requiring quick reflexes and actions to be able to save your life, or the one of your fellow team members.

River rafting Whistler provides guides usually for beginners and/or those who request one. It is highly recommended for those who are practicing this sport for the first time or who are not familiar with the waters. River rafting Whistler is especially great because it has all types of possibilities from very adventurous, to a lazy relaxing day on the river.

Helpful Tips

Even if you are going just for river rafting in Whistler, indulge in other season activities that Whistler has to offer all summer long. Due to the fact that it?s very popular and crowded with tourists year round, Whistler has well-organized activities and events. Again, book them in advance to ensure your participation.

River rafting Whistler is a recommended vacation for the whole family. There will be something of interest for everyone, no matter the age. So what are you waiting for, take the road to Whistler today to get in shape and taste the adventure.

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