New York, USA (PRWEB) May 31, 2007 -- Innovative visualization software vendor Fractal:Edge is proud to report how clients that rely heavily on Microsoft Excel are incorporating Fractal Maps to add dynamic visual analysis to their Corporate Performance Management systems. The latest client is a Pacific Northwest Aerospace firm that, although requesting anonymity, is very pleased to describe specific improvements gained from this winning combination of tools that support its comprehensive analysis needs for staff and management.

Many firms pull data from various underlying accounting and business systems and use Microsoft Excel to report and track key performance indicators. Fractal:Edge provides a unique 'deep visualization' technology - called Fractal Maps - which makes the messages in performance data more readily actionable. The company offers several product solutions that make Fractal Maps accessible through Excel or to any Internet connected user.

"I no longer spend hours packaging the financial story." said our financial management customer. "I see more in the data than I have ever seen before because I can efficiently look at it from so many perspectives. We have a matrix organization and our financial data includes 12 dimensions per P&L transaction or budget line item. The Fractal Map, which includes all accounting system information plus rolling projection data from Excel, includes numerous hierarchies that organize data by project, department, expense category, vendor, and other cross-company views. We use relative and absolute color scales to highlight the most significant concentrations of spending and revenue, budget-to-actual and budget-to-projection variances. The Fractal Map is made available to managers for review and explanation of significant terms. The same Fractal Map is reviewed as a dynamic presentation with the Board. We now use the Fractal Map as our primary financial management tool."

"It is wonderful to hear, in their own words, the real results our clients experience analyzing large, complex datasets." said Gervase Clifton-Bligh, VP, Product Strategy for Fractal:Edge. "Millions of people use Microsoft Excel for Corporate Performance Management. We now provide tightly integrated and intuitive product solutions that work directly with Excel and existing data sources to offer these users the power of dynamic Fractal Map visual analysis as a core component of their financial management toolset."

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