When most people are thinking of buying their first Burnaby home, the decision is out of immediate need. The fact that this decision was the right one is of no importance at this point. Keep In mind that your first acquisition should be a property that helps you move closer to your goal. Understand that I?m not telling you to be side tracked in your investment path. You should accept the fact that the direction you need to take is to follow your goals. Why you ask? Galas are what dictate the life around you and what you should buy. Most people do not set proper goals in their life. This is all the more reason for you to understand that without proper goals, your efforts towards reaching any dream can be a series of disappointments and frustrations. To acquire a property simply for the sake of owning something may be a boost to your social standing and your ego. However, this will do little or possibly nothing to move you closer to your dream. The wrong property can and most likely will move you further away from your goal.

Are you currently renting your home? The first aspect of real estate ownership should be to consider buying your own place to live. While this concept may not be ideal for everyone, if you are settled in an area and expect to be there for 3-5 years, then in the absence of any other goal at all, this should be of a top priority. So what to buy? Well you have the choice of an apartment, home, an apartment building? Each has it?s advantages and disadvantages and your ability to deal with the complexities of these properties will help you make a sound decision.

A person who holds the ability to fix up both the inside and the outside of a property might consider a small apartment building that needs a bit of?. ?more then tender love and care?. This covers both your goals of owning your own property and having an income producing property. Having a place to live holds added income to cover your debt service ratio. This is the way to go!

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